Set in the labyrinth of a Rio favela, "Pacified" tells the story of Tati, a 10 year old trying to keep her drug addict mother out of trouble and Ze, just out of prison, trying to keep himself out of trouble. An unlikely friendship arises between them as they struggle to navigate their uncertain futures amid the intense social forces erupting inside and outside of their community. But will it be enough to keep Ze from the forces drawing him back into the drug trade?

Writer/ director: Paxton Winters

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Having lived in the favela for over three years, Paxton has unprecedented access ,allowing this independent feature to be made on a shoe-string budget. With the world's eyes turning to Rio in 2016, "Pacified" gives an intense, rare and poignant look into the controversial events rocking Rio as the government battles to instill a sense of security by any means necessary.



Ze, um ex-traficante é solto da prisão durante os dias imprevisíveis que antecedem os jogos Olímpicos do Rio 2016. Tendo muito respeito e estima da comunidade e sua gang, muitos deles tem a esperança que ele novamente assuma o posto de dono do morro, mas a jovem Tati tem outros planos.

Uma improvável amizade cresce entre eles enquanto eles lutam para superar um futuro incerto  enquanto as tensões sociais, tanto dentro como fora da comunidade, entram em ebulição.

Pacificado é uma estória de redenção, crescimento e sobrevivência para dois indivíduos que querem aguentar a pressão enquanto seus mundos se fecham a seu redor.                



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Rio de Janeiro, a city caught in the middle of explosive opposing forces, exhibits as much wanton extravagance as it does dire poverty. Its mountainous landscape pulsates with the rhythm of samba and Brazilian funk, far too often interrupted by the staccato of machine gun fire. 

Born into one the countless favelas that carpet the hills of Rio, Tati is no stranger to hardship. A survivor, wise beyond her tender 9 years, Tati refers to herself as a "child in disguise".  As if selling gum on the street day after day wasn't hard enough, she must also take care of her loving, yet substance abusing, mother. With aspirations of becoming a famous "Brazilian funky" singer, she daydreams of a day when her father, a man she's never known, will swoop in and save her from the constant oppression of her daily existence.

Ze, an ex drug trafficking boss, is a mountain of a man in both character and physical presence. Loved and respected, feared and revered, he leaves prison after ten years to find a city transformed beyond his wildest imagination. And its not just the city that has changed.  Despite the high esteem the gang holds for him and the community's hopes that he'll resume control, Ze has other plans. Prison taught him two things. One, that he never wants to do anything else that might risk losing his freedom and two, how to cook.  Most of the community has a hard time wrapping their heads around Ze’s new aspiration to open a fish restaurant in the favela.  Worse still, the favela's current boss, Nelson, believes the restaurant is just a front for ulterior motives.  Suspicious that Ze is vying for his old job, he doesn't buy Ze's transformation for a second. 

While Ze struggles for a fresh start and Tati longs for a father, the two strike up an unlikely friendship. As Ze fights to live a just life he unwitting sparks an internal war, disrupting the first period of normalcy Tati has ever known. While his former soldiers look to him to lead and Nelson’s men search for a way to take him out, Ze must make a choice. Will Tati be able to hold him back from the centrifugal forces threatening to drag him back into the violent ways of his past? 

Pacified is a story of redemption, growth and survival for two individuals just trying to get by as their worlds threaten to cave in around them.




Pacified News

  • Rio de Janeiro Carnival Shoot
    Rio de Janeiro Carnival Shoot We just wrapped a preliminary shoot for "Pacified" during carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The team really rallied. And our young actress, Kasia, proved to all of us that she is a force to be reckoned with. 

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Paxton Winters

Writer - Director - Photojournalist